About Us

The Centre for Collaborative Research on Hoarding is a multidisciplinary group based in the UBC Department of Psychology. Our research aims to better understand cognitive, social, emotional, and community aspects of hoarding behaviour.  In the pages of this website, you will find information about our research, people in the lab, and how to get involved.

What is hoarding?

If you’re interested in learning more about hoarding, check out this podcast: www.storycollider.org/podcast/2013-07-21

Or read Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things. This very readable book by Gail Steketee & Randy Frost provides a good foundation for understanding more about hoarding behaviour.

Interested in participating in our research?

Please join our Hoarding Research Registry. This registry is an active list of individuals who have had problems with hoarding and who are interested in participating in research to better understand this problem.

We never share any information on this list with anyone outside our lab, and we will never contact you for anything other than an invitation to participate in a specific research project. When we contact you, we will give you some information about the specific project and ask some questions to determine if you are eligible for that study.

If you are interested in being contacted for hoarding-related research, call (604) 822-8025 or email us: hoarding@psych.ubc.ca.

Are you looking for therapy?

Unfortunately, none of our current research involves treatment of hoarding. The UBC Psychology Clinic (Tel: 604 822 3005) accepts referrals for therapy during the academic year.