Community Partners

What is the Importance of Community Partners?

Hoarding is a complicated problem for communities, as the social impacts of hoarding fall under the jurisdiction of many service sectors. This requires a response from disparate service providers that do not usually intersect. The Centre for Collaborative Research on Hoarding’s (CCRH) formal partnerships with community providers and persons with lived experience of hoarding provide opportunities for collaborative work across sectors and facilitate the creation and exchange of knowledge on interdisciplinary approaches to hoarding intervention. CCRH maintains research partnerships with community organizations in diverse sectors, such as social housing, public safety, community health, mental health, homelessness advocacy, and older adult services. Community partners bring content expertise from their history of direct engagement with service users, their understanding of community supports systems, and their knowledge of the cultural frames within which much of their work occurs. CCRH’s Lived Experience Advisors are persons with lived experience of hoarding who have direct experience of community intervention related to their hoarding. They bring unique insights that are neglected by researchers and community agencies, and help highlight the impacts of language choice and perspective. By drawing upon the insights of front-line service providers and persons with lived experience, CCRH aims to ensure the relevance, feasibility, and sensitivity of the research we produce to all those who are impacted by hoarding.

Our Community Partnership Structure

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