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Knowledge exchange refers to a dynamic process of acquiring and disseminating information, ideas, and expertise among individuals, organizations, or communities. By fostering interdisciplinary interactions and promoting collective learning, knowledge exchange serves as a catalyst for innovation, problem-solving, and advancing intellectual horizons.



The Home Environment Assessment Tool for Hoarding (HEATH) was created by the Centre to assess the most important health and safety risks in hoarded environments. This universal tool is designed for professionals working with hoarding in any discipline or area of community practice. 


General Resources

This resources page is like your personal treasure trove of valuable materials, links, and tools all in one place. It’s designed to make your life easier by providing easy access to a curated collection of information, references, and helpful resources for hoarding and mental health.

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Clean-Out Resources

A clean-out is a fast-paced intervention in which a large amount of clutter is removed from a client’s home. Our research suggests it’s best to use a client-centered approach when conducting a clean-out. This resource page offers some tips and strategies on how to do so.

Sorting it Out

An irregular series on issues relevant to hoarding

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Discover the captivating world of hoarding disorder and gain insights into its complexities through our insightful blog. Join us on this enlightening journey as we shed light on the hidden world of hoarding disorder and provide guidance and support for individuals and their loved ones who are seeking a path towards healing and reclaiming their lives.

  • SAMPLE In the Shadows: The Hidden Issues of Hoarding

    Have you ever wondered why some individuals find it incredibly challenging to let go of their possessions, even when they seem trivial or unnecessary to others? Welcome to the intricate world of hoarding, where object attachment takes on a whole new level of complexity. In hoarding disorder, the act of accumulating and holding onto possessions… Read More

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